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Home dental care

This page has been written to offer help after a pet has been treated for dental problems.

dental care for your pet at home

Since your pet has had recent dental treatment, we hope that you are noticing the difference with better smelling breath and a happier patient. We would like to help you to maintain good oral hygiene for your pet at home, and hope that you will find the following information helpful to get you started with brushing your pet's teeth. Choose a time when both yourself and your pet are relaxed. With your pet's back facing you, introduce a small amount of toothpaste into the mouth by smearing it along the gums with your finger. This will get him/her used to the taste and having the mouth handled. Ensure your pet is praised after each session.

During the next few days to weeks, introduce more paste and touch different areas of the mouth, still with lots of praise. Finally, introduce the toothbrush. Start by brushing one tooth and build up to doing the whole mouth. Your will find that if it is done routinely, preferably daily, your pet can enjoy the brushing and see it as a treat.

As well as toothbrushing, it is recommended to use our special diets that help to reduce the build up of dental tartar and plaque with long term use. Please ask for Feline or Canine T/D, Hills Oral Care and C.E.T chews to enhance your pet's oral health.

Finally we offer a free dental health check with the annual vaccination, and at other times when requested. Please take advantage of this service so that any problems can be detected early, before they cause pain and suffering.

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