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Equine stud medicine

Many mare owners and stud managers request an examination for their mares in preparation for the breeding season.

David Langrish has extensive experience, over many years, with Stud work


  • To identify and treat any possible problems in the reproductive organs that may reduce fertility in the coming season
  • If appropriate to try to make a diagnosis of why a mare ended last year's season barren, and to assess whether appropriate treatment may be given
  • To monitor the response to any treatment given at the end of last year's season as a result of the mare being barren
  • To make the appropriate examinations and take swabs as required by the prospective studs in order to meet their nomination requirements in good time
  • To treat any abnormality or positive results uncovered as a result of examination/swabs taken

All of the above are intended to give the mare every opportunity of starting the coming season in the best condition possible.

Gynaecological History

young foal

Has there been a history of foaling difficulties, abortion or early pregnancy failure, venereal disease or recurrent uterine infections? Has the mare a history of silent or short heats? For example a mare with short heats may have an infection of the uterus or a difficult foaling may have damaged the cervix.

Physical Examination

There is tremendous variation in the external anatomy of the mare's genitals. This is known as the Perineal Conformation. If the seal of the vulva to the air outside is not perfect then air can enter the vagina. This is called pneumovagina. This is quite common in Thoroughbreds and older mares. Sometimes faeces can enter the vagina along with the air, which leads to a recurrent uterine infection/inflammation. This infection, although preventing conception, rarely seems to make the mare ill. There are several operations that can be performed quickly, and whilst the mare is standing, that prevents pneumovagina and prevents infertility from this common cause.

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