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Horse and pony vaccinations

Vaccination is essential to the health of your horse, pony or donkey. We recommend the following injections. Vaccinations are recorded on your Horses Passport.

Please check your records and telephone the hospital to make an appointment for the vaccination of your horse. Although we do run a reminder system, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vaccination does not become out of date whereupon the initial course will need to be repeated.

Please have your Passport with you when your horse is vaccinated so that the vaccination can be recorded

Flu (equine influenza) and Tetanus

Animals require an initial course of two injections 4-6 weeks apart and a third injection 6 months later. Thereafter they require annual injections at up to 365 day intervals. The manufacturers data sheets (which we follow) currently differ from the Jockey Club rules that require the three initial injections at 21-92 days, 150-210 days, followed by boosters at up to 365 day intervals. Foals start vaccination from 5 months (unless their dam is unvaccinated when they can start from 3 months old but may require an additional flu vaccination).

Tetanus vaccination is essential as Tetanus is a disease with a high mortality rate in unvaccinated animals. When Tetanus vaccine only is given the interval between the first and second injections is 4-6 weeks, the third is approximately 12 months after, subsequent boosters at up to 24 month intervals.

For the initial combined flu and tetanus course use the form below to calculate when your horse's next vaccination is due.


My Horse received his/her
1st vaccine
2nd vaccine
on the


EHV (Equine Herpes Virus)

young foal

Initial course usually from 5 months of age, 4-6 weeks apart, boosters are required every 6 months after this to maintain immunity.


EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis)

Only used in Breeding Stallions. A blood test to establish that the horse has not been exposed to the disease is required before the first dose as the horse seroconvert’s to positive after vaccination. Arterovac second dose is given 3 weeks later, then boosters annually at least 3 weeks before the start of the breeding season. You will need to discuss using this injection with one of our Equine Vets before booking the appointment.

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