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Neutering and surgery

We advise that cats and dogs are checked prior to being neutered. No charge is made for this service unless treatment is given. We will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have at this time. To maintain our high standards all small animal surgery is carried out at the hospital so that your pet can be continually monitored prior, during and following surgery. Cats can generally be neutered from 6 months. Because of their independent lifestyle we recommend that cats are neutered unless you intend to breed. Adult cats are not normally spayed when in season but can be spayed in early pregnancy or after weaning kittens as soon as no milk is left.

Please arrange to speak to a vet regarding neutering your bitch since different cases require various different approaches.

Cats can be neutered at six months of age

If your bitch is mated accidentally 'misalliance' injections can be given on days 3 and 5 to prevent pregnancy. This injection can only be given once in a season, will normally prolong the season, is not 100% effective and can lead to complications 6-8 weeks post injection that may necessitate spaying at this time.

Dogs can be castrated from ten months. There are specific indications for example wandering, hypersexuality and cryptorchidism.

Horses can be castrated from 6 months old, generally around 8 months, in the spring or winter only (because of fly strike).

Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs and other pets can be neutered by arrangement.

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